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Family Day at the HEROSZ Budapest Animal Home

Family Day at the HEROSZ Budapest Animal Home

The HEROSZ Budapest Animal Home is open to all inquiries on the 14th of May for what is now traditionally an open day in Spring.

Visitors can also get to know the residents of the home, as well as the handful of enthusiastic teams that take part in the care of the animals and work every day to keep the more uninhabited animals in the shortest time possible. The open day is organized by Mariann Falusi, Béla Ternovszky and Levente Harsányi. tбrsasбgбban. Again, the organizers are expecting visitors with a number of interesting programs. There will be a dog handicap competition and a competition - which anyone can call with their own puppy or one of the homes at home, dog and kitten, dog walking, dog racing, and a raffle at the end of the day. For the little ones, the organizers are happy with the kids' corner and horseback riding, and, of course, there is still a tradition of garage body and buffet flavors.
The event is open from 10 am to 10 pm in the morning, Budapest XXII. district, at the meeting point of Brassy and Nyil Street.

Happy Hours campaign continues!

If you can't accommodate or help with volunteering, donate BOLDOG URBAN to the little inhabitants of the HEROSZ Budapest Animal Home! We have created our donation page,, where you can help the inhabitants of our home with "happy gentlemen". At the HEROSZ Budapest Animal Home, you will spend an extra $ 500 on a maintenance cost of around $ 500, giving a whole happy urn to our animals.

There's a little darn good reason to pet a pet!

Animal husbandry is a responsibility. However, today in Hungary, well over 1 million unarmed dogs and kittens live on the streets or in shelters, not to mention the little bored little pet. Even though pet homes do their best to get their pet as good as possible, the ultimate goal is to bring the animals to the farmer because they have the most careful veterinary care, the best care Buying an animal is a decision that takes about 10-18 years. In addition to food, bedding and toys, it is also important to keep in mind that an animal needs regular health care and protection. But most of all for the love and attention of the host!
So, if you consider all the aspects and carefully consider adding another member to your family, then don't buy a small fortune from a breeder, but look at the closest shelter to you!
  • Don't stick to a purebred blob! A mixed breed puppy or kitten is just as nice, smart and stubborn as any purebred companion.
  • Don't stick to your young puppy! Consider raising a puppy animal always with more problems! If you are an older, less active person, or very busy, you can live in much greater harmony with an older, calmer animal! And remember, if you take an animal with you, you'll have to take care of it for years to come!
  • You can save the lives of two animals at the same time, as your favorite place to take with you may cost another shelter.
  • You usually do not need to give money for animals purchased from such places - or, if you do, then only a symbolic amount to feed (feed, defecate, neuter) the rest of the shelter.
  • You'll also get a pet that is healthy on the shelter, and many times it is neutered.
  • If you can't afford to keep an animal at home, support a shelter financially, with food, or with free help!
You can find more information about the HEROSZ Budapest Animal Home and the owner of our home: